Self-employed mortgages that work

Meet James. James is a self-employed architect. He’s heard it can be difficult to get a mortgage if you work for yourself, even if the deposit and income are good.

James needs a mortgage that works for him when he works for himself. This is where we can help.


  • Our mortgages are suitable for self-employed, freelancers and contractors
  • Over-payment facilities means if James has a good year he could pay off some capital; this would help James pay off his mortgage more quickly
  • No set ‘self-employed mortgage’ product means James can apply for any of our standard residential products
  • All cases are considered on merit and are individually assessed
  • Our ‘Made-to-Measure’ product, can help if your client’s needs are unique

Click here to view our mortgage products.

Don’t forget:

  • No credit scoring 
  • Individual underwriting 
  • Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Equity Loan across England and Wales
  • A dedicated help desk
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