Corporate governance 

How your Society is managed and governed.

The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of both executive and Non-Executive Directors responsible for:

  • Setting the society’s strategy and business objectives

  • Ensuring financial and human resources are in place to meet business objectives

  • Reviewing management performance

The Non-Executive Directors are members of the board who are not part of the employed management team, but provide a range of professional skills and experience to bring impartiality into the decision making process.


The Board is assisted by a number of committees which are chaired by Non-Executive Directors and attended by a combination of Non-Executive Directors, Executives and Senior Management. The committees are responsible for a range of activities. Each has its own terms of reference, which are reviewed on an annual basis.

The Newbury Building Society Board believes that it is in the best interests of its members, and the communities in which we serve that the Society should continue to be an independently owned, regional building society.

Phillippa Cardno, Chief Executive Officer
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Financial information

Our latest Annual Report and Accounts and Summary Financial Statements, showing how the Society is performing.

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