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Easy access

If you are looking for a safe place for your savings, then an easy access account might be the answer.

Savings accounts that allow you to access your money whenever you need it.

Our Easy Access savings accounts are great if you want to start saving and want the comfort of having access to your money whenever you need it.

These accounts give you flexibility with your money, save when you can, withdraw when you need to, and still earn some interest on your money at some of the best rates we have. Whether you are a new customer, or already have some accounts with us, we’re sure that we can find the right easy access account for what you need. Depending on your preference we have branch-based and online accounts available.

Please note: Our savings accounts are available to residents within our local operating area, defined as within the following postcodes: RG, OX, SP, GU, SO, SN, PO, HP & SL.

We accept savings applications from existing members regardless of their postcode. We do not accept savings applications from new or existing members who live outside of the UK.

The Newbury Building Society constantly exceed my expectations with their commitment to me as a customer both by level of service and rates offered.

Michelle E. Smart Money People review.
Welcome to Newbury

An account for new members which can be
opened in person in our branches.

Existing Members Account

This easy access account is available for existing savings and mortgage members of at least one year.

Instant Premium

An easy access account open to new and existing customers within our regional branch network area. (see top of page)

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