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Our ISAs are an easy way to save money without having to pay tax on the interest you earn.


Saving for something special? Or just a rainy day?

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) can be one of the best savings accounts to make the most of your money. The interest on a cash ISA is free from tax, so all the interest you earn, you keep. 

For the tax year starting 6 April 2021 the ISA allowance is £20,000 for cash or Stocks and Shares ISAs and £9,000 for Junior ISAs.

Please noteWe are not currently accepting ISA transfers in to Easy Access Cash ISA account from other providers.

Our savings accounts are available to residents within our local operating area, defined as within the following postcodes: RG, OX, SP, GU, SO, SN, PO, HP & SL.

We accept savings applications from existing members regardless of their postcode. We do not accept savings applications from new or existing members who live outside of the UK.

Just the sort of experience you would wish for from a financial institution - warm and relaxed but professional and efficient. Why can't the High Street banks do customer service like this? Highly recommended.

Henry B. Smart Money People review.
Easy Access Cash ISA

Open to new and existing customers, and being instant access with competitive rates, this account could be the perfect home for your spare cash.

Cash Junior ISA

This account is a type of ISA available to children under the age of 18 and is an excellent way to secure money for your child's future.

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