Annual General Meetings 

Your opportunity to influence how your Society is run.

As a voting member, the AGM is your opportunity to influence how Newbury Building Society is run. 

Results of the 166th Annual General Meeting

The 166th Annual General Meeting was held at Donnington Valley Hotel on Thursday 23 February 2023 at 11:00am.

By voting, members are able to decide who should be on the Society’s Board of Directors and also have their say on a number of resolutions.

The results of the 166th AGM voting In favour Against With abstentions % in favour (excl. abstentions)
1.  The Annual Report and Accounts 31 October 2022 are received and accepted by: 2,788 32 13 98.9%
2.  Deloitte is appointed as the Society’s Auditor by: 2,695 104 33 96.3%
3.1  Lee Bambridge is re-elected by: 2,704 101 28 96.4%
3.2  Christine Brown is re-elected by: 2,721 86 26 96.9%
3.3  Phillippa Cardno is re-elected by: 2,722 91 20 96.8%
3.4 Darren Garner is re-elected by: 2,712 88 33 96.9%
3.5 William Roberts is re-elected by: 2,703 103 27 96.3%
3.6 Alistair Welham is re-elected by: 2,686 114 33 95.9%
3.7 Piers Williamson is re-elected by: 2,706 98 27 96.5%
3.8 Deborah Beaven is elected by: 2,723 72 37 97.4%
3.9 Nailesh Rambhai is elected by: 2,695 96 40 96.6%
4. The Directors’  Remuneration Report 31 October 2022 is approved by: 2,572 192 68 93.1%


The Society donates 15p for every paper vote cast and 50p for every vote sent through the secure
website. This is split between the Society’s nine branch charity partners

Following the results of the 166th AGM we will be donating £851.10.


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