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Annual General Meetings

As a voting member, the AGM is your opportunity to influence how Newbury Building Society is run as an organisation.

The 160th Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017 took place on Monday 27 February at Donnington Valley, Newbury at 11am.

Members who attended heard a summary from Chief Executive Roland Gardner and were given the opportunity to present questions to the board. The Society’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Emma Simms, presented an update on the Society’s Community and Charity programme.

By voting, members were able to decide who should be on the Society’s Board of Directors and also have their say on a number of resolutions.

The results were as follows:


For Against Abstain/ Withheld Total In favour of resolution (excl. abstensions)
Approve Annual Report & Account 4,407 34 58 4,499 99.2%
Re-appoint KPMG as Auditors 4,272 161 66 4,499 95.4%
Re-elect John Parker 4,269 146 84 4,499 95.7%
Re-elect Lee Bambridge 4,261 143 95 4,499 95.8%
Elect Ronald Fitzgerald 4,243 152 104 4,499 96.5%
Approve Remuneration Report 4,001 328 169 4,499 92.4%

*The figures read out at the AGM included abstentions.

This year, every vote made enabled the Society to support organisations and charities local to its branches. The Society donated 15p for every paper vote cast, 50p for every vote sent through its website and 50p for those who attended the AGM.

Over 4,400 members voted, raising £1,038.70 in total. This amount will be shared between the following eight charities: Helen and Douglas House, St Michael’s Hospice, Andover Mind, Prior’s Court School (Hermitage), The Newbury & District Cancer Care Trust, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Sue Ryder and Alzheimer’s Society.

Total monies raised: £1038.70
Postal votes: £518.70 (£0.15 per vote)
Online votes: £493.00 (£0.50 per vote)
In-attendance votes: £27.00 (£0.50 per vote).
Total votes: 4498


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