Apprenticeships can be the key to a dynamic workforce

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), apprenticeships are just as valuable for businesses as for apprentices themselves.

In fact, according to their research, 80% of employers maintained or enhanced future skills, whilst around 70% saw improvements to their goods or services. As someone who has worked in talent and people-based roles for years, I’m not surprised. I’ve seen firsthand the numerous ways apprentices have a positive impact, and that’s why I’m excited that we are offering three new apprenticeships here at Newbury Building Society this year.

I've always found the energy apprentices bring to the table to be incredibly valuable. They offer fresh perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and different ways of thinking. They’re committed to learning and development, and aren’t afraid to ask questions, seek feedback, and challenge the status quo - all useful ways we can improve services, products, and ultimately, culture.

Staying ahead of the curve

Another area in which apprentices can deliver value to businesses is technology. Take recent rapid developments in AI and social media (Threads vs Twitter (or X), anyone?), for example. Those that are in learning environments often have their fingers on the pulse and can make use of relationships with fellow learners and other organisations. They are culturally engaged, ready to fill ever-evolving knowledge gaps and help their employers to keep their thinking current. The external data agrees - according to, 86% of apprenticeship employers said their apprentices helped them to develop new skills relevant to their business.  

In a highly competitive job market, employee turnover and retention are areas of concern for many leaders. Apprenticeships can be a hugely effective solution – great training opportunities, clear progression and structure, and opportunities to learn and develop whilst working can all translate into strong employee loyalty, in addition to filling critical skills gaps.

Giving something back

For Newbury Building Society, our mutuality is a huge driving force in how we approach things – we want to give back to our communities. In addition to charitable partnerships and fundraising, providing fulfilling roles for people in our branch towns, either as an alternative to university or a complete career pivot is another way we can give back.

Working at Newbury Building Society

We’ve recently welcomed two new apprentices in areas vital to achieving our ambitions as a business – data analytics and sustainability and corporate social responsibility. As an award-winning local employer, we’re thrilled to be able to offer these opportunities, which will contribute positively to our culture and provide valuable on-the-job experience. Apprenticeships really are a win-win for everyone involved.

To find out more about our current vacancies, please click here.

Emma Jones Director of People

Emma is responsible for shaping and delivering the Society's people strategy.

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