Society marks Erika’s 25th anniversary milestone

The end of September saw one of Newbury Building Society’s employees reach a significant milestone of 25 years continuous service.

In a time when all communication was either by telephone or written memo, the 30 of September 1991 was a very special day for Erika Neves, who joined Newbury Building Society as a temporary admin assistant in the customer services department.

Initially covering maternity leave, Erika was able to stay with the Society and has worked in a wide array of departments, including customer services, branch, sales, underwriting, advising, marketing, HR and risk.

In September 2002, Erika was promoted to the Executive team as Branches Controller and in 2015 she took over responsibility for Risk and Conduct, which she continues to excel at today.

“The Society has changed significantly over the past 25 years,” recalls Erika, “When I started we didn’t have a PC on our desks – there was one PC in the office which enabled us to do account enquiries but the data held was fairly basic. After a couple of years our IT system was upgraded and I got a PC on my desk. It was pre-windows and was still very basic by today’s standards.”

There have been many other notable changes too. “When I started our variable mortgage rate was 11.5% and we had regular rate changes.” she continues, “There was one year when I think the base rate changed every month for seven months – very different from now!”

Although she has seen many changes over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the Society’s commitment to customer service. “This has been a constant throughout my 25 years.” says Erika.

What does she love most about Newbury Building Society? “The people I work with, and have worked with, are great and I have made lasting friendships. I also love the fact that I - and all of my colleagues - have a voice and can make a difference at the Society.”

Picture: Roland Gardner, Chief Executive at the Society, congratulates and thanks Erika for her 25 years of hard work and dedication.

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