Helpful interview tips

It's natural to be nervous before an interview. But if you take some time to prepare, you will improve your chances of performing at your best. The following interview tips will help even the most inexperienced interviewees shine:

Look and feel your best

Smart or smart casual clothing is recommended. If you feel comfortable, you will feel more relaxed.


Knowing a thing or two about us, our business, culture and products will assist you in the interview. This will show us that you have taken time to research us and that you are keen on the opportunity. Spend some time on our website, take a look at our social channels, or visit a branch to learn more.

If you need any resonable adjustments or arrangements made, if you are invited to attend an interview, please make us aware beforehand. 

Common questions

The role profile will outline the responsibilities and competences required. Consider your current and past experiences and think of some examples where you have personally demonstrated the skills and behaviours outlined, maybe making some notes to help you to focus.


On the day, if you are attending an in-person interview, allow plenty of time to get there without feeling rushed by delays. You may like to have a copy of your CV or portfolio of relevant work.

If you are interviewing remotely, you may want to test that all of your equipment is working beforehand, and ensure your space is quiet and tidy so that you're able to concentrate.

Be yourself

A smile can make a great first impression at a first meeting. Even if you feel nervous, a smile will ensure you come across as friendly and relaxed. Try to relax and listen carefully to what is being asked. Don't be afraid to ask the intereviewer to repeat or clarify what they have said.

Ask relevant questions

Consider any questions that you might like to ask at the interview, make a note of them and take them along with you.

Make notes

Feel free to make notes during the interview! It may useful once the interview is over and you are reflecting on the information provided.

Be honest

It can be tempting to over exaggerate to impress a prospective employer, being eager to learn more about something is a positive thing!

End on a positive note

When the interview is approaching an end, try to conclude on a positive note. This could be as simple as saying something like, “I look forward to hearing from you.” or sending a follow-up email thanking the interviewes for their time.

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