Recycling Week 2023

Recycling Week was first staged in 2004, it has now become the UK’s largest national annual recycling campaign. A week where people come together to encourage each other into recycling, in the correct way and more often. 

Recycling Week 2023 takes place between 16-22 October and the theme for this year is ‘The Big Recycling Hunt’, which focuses on the items at home that can be recycled but are commonly missed.  

Here are some items that you may not realise that you can recycle either at home:  

  • Dishwasher tablet and washing capsule tubs
  • Household cleaning product bottles with triggers left on (not chemicals e.g. anti freeze)
  • Shampoo, conditioner and skin care product bottles (minus any pumps!)
  • Clean trays or punnets from raw or cooked meat, takeaways or fruit and vegetables 
  • Empty aerosol cans 

You can find your nearest recycling facility on the Recycle Now website.

A goal of this year’s Recycling week is also to encourage children to recycle more and pupils from 30,000 schools across the UK will be tasked with finding these ‘lost' recyclables. There will also be plenty of fun activities for pupils to enjoy. 

At Newbury Building Society, we endeavour to do our best to support the environment. However, we can always do more – below are some tips for recycling in the workplace, which we promote throughout the Society: 

  • Clearly label recycling bins throughout the workplace in convenient locations, make sure they are easily spotted. 
  • Try to reduce unecessary paper usage in meetings and printing only when necessary. 
  • Recycle old hardware, including monitors, printers, and batteries. 
  • Clearly provide recycling guidelines through emails or internal newsletters. 
  • Encourage employees – perhaps create a ‘green team’ to lead green and recycling initiatives. 
  • Collaborate with a local recycling centre, they could provide recycling bins and assist with collection and processing. 

Learn about our Green Community Support Scheme

Our Green Community Support Scheme

As part of our plan to become a greener building society, we are also running our Green Community Support Scheme alongside our existing Community Support Scheme. The green scheme will aim to support groups whose key focus is environmental or sustainability issues in and around our branch towns. 

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