What is identity fraud?

Identity crime can take the form of either identity theft or identity fraud.

Identity theft is when your personal details are stolen, and identity fraud is when those stolen details are used for the criminal’s own personal gain to commit fraud. 

What can fraudsters do with your personal information?

  • Open bank accounts
  • Acquire credit cards, loans and other benefits
  • Order goods in your name
  • Take over existing accounts in your name
  • Set up new accounts in your name
  • Obtain genuine documents in your name such as a mobile phone contract, driving licence and passports

Safeguarding your identity

Safeguarding your personal data has never been more important. Most of us make a conscious effort to protect our online sensitive information – such as financial passwords – however we often take everyday details such as name, address and date of birth for granted.  

See our handy infographic for quick tips on how to keep your personal details safe.

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