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Existing mortgage customer - moving home

We understand that your circumstances can change and that you may need to move home.

We can help you move up or down the housing ladder and you can even take your existing mortgage with you, this is known as ‘porting’.  The flexibility to 'port' your existing mortgage means that you may be able to keep your existing mortgage, and take any additional borrowing you may need on a new mortgage product with us. Alternatively you could start a new mortgage product (paying any early repayment charges that are due on your existing mortgage).

Am I eligible to port my mortgage?

You can check if your mortgage product is portable by checking your original mortgage offer document.  Alternatively if you would prefer to contact us, we would be happy to confirm for you.

Even if your mortgage product is portable, all requests will be subject to meeting our current lending criteria. Our Mortgage Advisers will be able to discuss this with you.

Continually the best performer in the market place. We have continually renewed our mortgage product with the Newbury over the past 25 years, not because of blind trust, but because they continually out-perform the competition and are always available for phone consultations to iron out any queries I have had and advise of better products.

Mr. Bowen. Smart Money People review.

Mortgage appointments available by video call, or by phone. See our making a mortgage appointment page for further details or click contact now. 

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