A greener Newbury Building Society 

Seeking a greener future



An awareness of the impact of climate change and our impact on the environment is an increasing part of the Society’s culture.

We have started to make proactive changes to nurture and cultivate a more sustainable and environmentally conscious Society.

Here is a video that outlines our Green Ambition. 



We will continue our commitment to managing and reducing our environmental impact and building a more a sustainable society by:

  • Continued monitoring of energy usage and waste consumption

  • Implementing energy-efficient tools such as LED lighting across all premises

  • Upgrading essential systems and equipment to be more efficient such as boilers

  • Recycling of paper, plastics, cardboard, IT equipment and all other applicable materials

  • Securely shredding all confidential paper and recycling

  • Encouraging members and colleagues to adopt eco-friendly behaviours 

How can we be greener?

Although our initial actions are a start, we want to do more - and we welcome your suggestions. 

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Carbon Database Initiative

The Carbon Database Initiative allows business to publicly share their carbon emissions data. We're working towards reducing our emissions and we want to be transparent with our data so that we can show you, our members.

Check out our carbon emissions data
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Our Green Apprentice!

We recently welcomed Ben, our new Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Level 4 Apprentice to the Society. Ben will be focussing on moving the Society forward with our green goals and ambitions. 

My role within the Society will be working towards identifying where our efforts can be put best in order to see the greatest reduction in our carbon footprint possible, with collaborative work being at the forefront of the role in order to make sure we are being impactful with our decisions when it comes to refurbishments and new implementations within our branches.

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