Consumer Duty - a review of your experience as a member of the Society.

Last year, the Financial Conduct Authority introduced the Consumer Duty. This industry-wide regulation aims to further protect the interests of customers.

At Newbury, we have an embedded culture of customer excellence and so the Duty is viewed as an opportunity to raise the bar, as well as review what we already do for our members. 

As a valued member, we would like to invite you to participate in a review of your experience with us to help us understand how our services and products align with your needs.

The FCA Consumer Duty encourages all Financial Services firms to avoid any foreseeable harm to its customers, especially those that might, in some way, be vulnerable. The survey contains a few questions around the theme of vulnerability. We appreciate this may be a sensitive topic, so feel free to mark the responses "prefer not to say”, if you do not wish to respond. By responding to these questions, it will really help us to ensure we are as inclusive as possible in the service we provide to all our customers.

Please note! This is new research, which we have asked research agency, Investor in Customers (IIC) to undertake on our behalf. This is not linked to any customer service surveys we have run previously. 

During March and April 2024, we will be asking our members to complete this questionnaire, either online or over the phone. If you receive an email request from the IIC it will come from the address  

We would like to emphasise that:

  • The link provided is personal to you, so please do not forward it or share it with others.

  • The link is genuine.

  • Your data is secure and confidential to IIC and Newbury Building Society. All data is retained by IIC for the for the duration of the assessment only. Please note, the IIC is under a strict data protection agreement with Newbury Building Society. Our Privacy Notice is here.

  • You can choose to remain anonymous when completing the questionnaire if you wish.

  • The questionnaire only takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

  • Should you choose wish to opt-out of this questionnaire, please click this email link

  • You may opt-out of taking part in this questionnaire at any point (including prior to the IIC contacting you) should you wish to do so.

Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire, please email us and we will be happy to assist.  

Melanie Mildenhall Head of Customer Service

Melanie Mildenhall is Head of Customer Service at Newbury Building Society.

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