Number spoofing scams: What are they and how you can avoid them

According to Ofcom, there has been an increase in reports of a type of scam called 'number spoofing'. Number spoofing is where scammers change their caller ID to try and dupe unsuspecting members of the public into thinking they are someone else. 

Criminals often use spoofing to obscure their identity or to trick you into thinking that they are calling from an official company that you already have a relationship with. They do this by copying information from official organisations.

They could pretend to be your bank or building society, internet service provider, or even HMRC. Due to the increase in this type of scam, Ofcom is working closely with the telecoms industry and other stakeholders to try and put a stop to it.

Follow these steps to avoid spoofing scams:

  • Never give out personal details such as account or pin numbers over the phone or via text.

  • Sign up to verified alerts from Action Fraud to be made aware of current scams.

  • If in doubt, hang up.

You can check whether the call was legitimate by contacting the company via their official channels. Ofcom recommends waiting for 5 minutes after hanging up to ensure your phone line is clear before dialling out again.

To ensure you're contacting companies via legitimate channels, visit their website, check the phonebook, or look for a contact telephone number on official communications such as bills or account statements.

You can contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 to report potential scams. If you have been a victim of a spoofing scam and believe your money is at risk, contact your bank, building society, or credit card company immediately. 

How to be sure you're dealing with the real Newbury Building Society

Our teams will never call to ask you to transfer funds or leave voicemails telling you your accounts have been compromised. We will never ask you to disclose information like passwords or pin numbers.

If you are ever worried that a call purporting to be from the Society isn't genuine, hang up and contact us immediately. You can do this by calling 01635 555700 or via email:

Learn more about common scams, fraud and how we protect our members, visit our Fraud and Online Security Hub.

Andy Ransom Head of Compliance

Andy leads the compliance function within the Society, ensuring it complies with the regulatory standards required of a financial services firm.

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