What you need to know about the new £10 note

The bank of England will issue the new polymer £10 note from 14th September. The old paper £10 note will be withdrawn from circulation in Spring 2018, three months’ notice will be given by the Bank.

The note will feature author Jane Austen and was first presented in July on the 200th anniversary of her death (pictured above).

The Bank of England will gradually start withdrawing the current paper £10 notes as they are banked by retailers and businesses. You can continue to use the paper £10 note, featuring Charles Darwin, until it is withdrawn from circulation in Spring 2018. Notice will be given at least 3 months prior to the withdrawal date. Genuine Bank of England notes that have been withdrawn from circulation retain their face value for all time and can be exchanged at the Bank of England.

For full details on the new note and its security features visit the Bank of England's dedicated site. 
In addition, the Scottish Banks will issue a new polymer note from 21st September (Clydesdale), 4th October (Royal Bank of Scotland) and 10th October (Bank of Scotland).   They will begin withdrawing old notes from circulation from these dates.  For further information visit the Scottish Bank website.

The polymer £20 note, featuring the artist J.M.W Turner, will be launched in 2020. 

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