Just over a week to spend your old pound coins!

You have just over ten days to spend the old one pound coin before it is phased out!

The old pound coins will cease being legal tender from Sunday October 15, with a billion taken out of circulation already. 

From Monday October 16 retailers are no longer be obliged to accept the old pound coins and should not be giving them to you in any change you recieve.  Most banks will continue to accept the old round pound coin after this date, as long as you are a customer. Customers can also go to their local Post Office branch to deposit the old pound coin into their bank account.

The old pound coin was introduced in 1983 as part of the phasing-out of the one pound note, which was withdrawn five years later.

The Royal Mint encourage you to spend, bank or donate all your round one pound coins before October 15 2017.

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