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Newbury launches home-to-branch mortgage video appointment service

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PLEASE NOTE: During the Coronavirus pandemic video appointments are unavailable 

Newbury Building Society has introduced a video call mortgage advice service to enable customers to undertake appointments with mortgage advisers from their home or workplace, following a successful pilot. 

The ‘home-to-branch’ Skype-style system requires the customer to have an internet connection and desktop or tablet to allow the Society’s mortgage advisers to provide the equivalent of a face-to-face mortgage appointment. 

Karen Smith, Sales Manager at Newbury Building Society said: “Video appointments are rapidly becoming commonplace with high-street banks and as a mutual run for and by its members, we felt it was important to provide an accessible and flexible solution to complement various lifestyles without compromising on the excellent customer service we are recognised for.”

The video service allows documents to be shared on screen so customers can see what is being discussed and read through forms with the qualified mortgage adviser. The customer has the same engagement level as a face-to-face meeting and questions can be asked throughout the meeting.

Karen added: “Feedback has been very positive from our members, who have found the experience to be consistent with their previous interactions with the branch – professional, personable and helpful. It enables us to connect more of our customers to our mortgage services, especially those who are unable to travel to a branch or work some distance from their branch home towns; ideal for those living in and out of the Society’s core operating area, including outside of the UK, and still want a face-to-face interaction.”

Video appointments are available Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings, for new and existing customers. An email link is sent to the customer prior to their designated time slot with instructions on how to ‘join’ the video call. 

To find out more about booking a video mortgage appointment, read our guide for further information. Alternatively, click here to discover the others ways in which you can have a mortgage appointment with us.

You can also vist your local branch or contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.

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