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162nd Annual General Meeting results

The 162nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place at Donnington Valley Hotel on Thursday 21 February 2019.

By voting, members were able to decide who should be on the Society’s Board of Directors and also have their say on a number of resolutions.

The results were as follows:

  In favour   Against  With abstentions/ withheld  Total   % in favour (exl. abstentions) 
The Annual Report and Accounts 31 October 2018 are received and accepted by: 4,687 29 48 4,764 99.4%
Deloitte is appointed as the Society's Auditor by: 4,507 170 87 4,764 96.4%
Sarah Hordern is re-elected by: 4,588 111 65 4,764 97.6%
William Jeremy Mostyn Roberts is re-elected by: 4,520 160 84 4,764 96.6%
Roland Martin Woodthorpe Gardner is re-elected by: 4,562 135 67 4,764 97.1%
Kieron Francis Blackburn is elected by: 4,573 112 79 4,764 97.6%
The Directors' Remuneration Report 31 October 2018 is approved by: 4,240 356 168 4,764 92.3%


Every vote made enables the Society to further support its branch charity partners. The Society donates 15p for every paper vote cast, 50p for every vote made online and 50p for those who voted at the AGM.

4,764 members voted, raising £1,192 in total.

This amount will be shared between the following nine charities: Helen and Douglas House, St Michael’s Hospice, Alton Foodbank, Prior’s Court School (Hermitage), The Countess of Brecknock Hospice, The Newbury & District Cancer Care Trust, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Sue Ryder and The Alzheimer’s Society.

Total monies raised: £1,192
Postal votes: £510.00 (£0.15 per vote)
Online votes: £657.00 (£0.50 per vote)
In-attendance votes: £25.00 (£0.50 per vote).
Total votes: 4,764

Photos: Presentations were made to St. Michael’s Hospice and Prior’s Court School at the AGM for funds raised for them by the Society’s and its members in 2018. 

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