Top quirky lending questions brokers are asking us

We are known for our tailored and individual approach to assessing cases. Our dedicated helpdesk team are therefore experts in answering and assisting with a vast range of lending enquiries on a weekly basis.  

Because we have a wide range of products and USP’s to suit a whole host of unique enquiries we have included a selection of frequently asked questions here for your future reference. 

Remember – if you have something quirky – we may be the lender to speak to!

Do you do regulated/family BTLs? How do you assess affordability?

Our Buy-to-Let calculator is a quick and easy way to  check affordability, and works with our rental coverage of 135% using a stress rate of 5.65% (higher tax rate) and 125% using a stress rate of 5.65% (basic tax rate). We consider other income to support the application, known as top-slicing, if the ICR doesn’t work. 
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What do you have for Ex-pat residential?

We can consider main earners who work abroad with foreign currency incomes, while the family remain domiciled in the UK. We don’t haircut from the client’s foreign income and we use exchange rate on day of enquiry.  The list of currencies we can consider can be found in our lending criteria under F. 

Do you lend on Airbnb holiday lets?

Yes! Our holiday let mortgage product can be used for applicants who wish to let their property over shorter, more flexible rental periods. We will consider potential holiday-let income when assessing affordability and we also consider top-slicing and capital raising. The property must be located in a suitable holiday location to be considered. 

Can you look at properties which have an annexe that is used for holiday letting/rental?

We do lend on properties with annexes and outbuildings! However, for annexes used for letting rental we would only look at remortgage applications, provided there was a proven track record of rental income.

How do you do a product transfer/do you offer PT's introduced?

Yes we can. Simply complete this product transfer information release form and email it to Our latest products can be found on our website here. 

What’s the maximum age to lend to retired applicants using pension SIPP funds and rental income?

We can consider Interest Only up to age 90 using the SIPP and rental income providing the property the has a minimum equity of £250k to sell and downsize or another acceptable repayment strategy.

Can my client get an interest only mortgage?

Yes. We can consider interest only up to a maximum of 70% LTV providing property the has a minimum equity of £250k to sell and downsize or another acceptable repayment strategy. We have no minimum income requirement for earned income up to age 70. 

Are you still doing Shared Ownership mortgages up to 95%?

Yes we are. This includes new build and flats (subject to floor limits) across England and Wales. 

How do I register for your online application service?

To obtain an illustration and submit an application, you will need to register. Simply visit this page on our website and click REGISTER FOR ONLINE SERVICE . To register we will require the following information: your company name, address, FCA number and your full contact details. Our Intermediary Helpdesk will confirm your registration within one working day. You will receive two e-mails with your username and a link to activate your account. 

How do I submit an AIP?

Download our AIP form from this page. Once you have completed the form please email it to If you need any assistance when completing, please call our Helpdesk or use our instant chat service on the website. 

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