Red 'did you know' Day 2019 quiz!

This Red Nose Day, we wanted to discover how well you REALLY know us?

You can find the answers to our quick fire quiz below. How did you do?

QUESTION: Where do we lend on Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Equity Loan?

ANSWER: Across England AND Wales

QUESTION: Can you name one way in which we assess a mortgage case you send us?

ANSWER: 1.) No credit scoring - all cases are assessed on individual merit, 2.) tailored underwriting with each case individually considered, 3.) all types of income are considered, and much more.

QUESTION: Can you name one way in which you can contact our dedicated intermediary helpdesk?

ANSWER: Call: 01635 918000 or email:

QUESTION: What is our upper lending age limit?

ANSWER: We lend to 90 years across our entire residential mortgage range.

QUESTION: Where can you find details about all our products and eligibility?

ANSWER: Our lending criteria and downloadable product guide outlines everything you need to know.

How many questions did you answer correctly? Don't forget to visit our lending criteria for a full outline of our lending policy, restrictions and elgiability.

If you have any questions or a case you would like to discuss with us, contact the team today.

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