What to do with the £450 million still down the back of the UK’s sofas

The deadline for spending your old pound coins has been and gone, with Sunday’s midnight deadline ceasing its legal tender.

But don’t worry, if you haven’t yet searched down the back of the sofa or smashed open your piggy bank for any ‘lost’ round pound coins you may be in luck, as some stores will continue to accept the now vintage coin for an extended period of time.

We’ve rounded-up (no pun intended) the best places for you to finally ditch the old copper coin without feeling short-changed:

1. Poundland: Its Managing Director, Barry Williams, recently declared that offering shoppers an extension is “a no brainer” for the high-street giant. True to his word, you can continue splashing the cash until the end of October.  

2. The Entertainer: Just in time for the Christmas rush, the popular toyshop will be happy to take your loose £1 coins until the end of the year. 

3. Tesco: Staying true to its motto, every little helps as the store will continue accepting the coin until Sunday 22nd October, giving shoppers an extra week to empty their purses. It has also promised to stop giving out round shaped coins at checkouts and self-service tills. 

4. Iceland: Now is the time to stock up on frozen Christmas finger food as Iceland will still take the circular coin until the end of October.

5. Aldi: Just like Iceland, Aldi has gifted shoppers with a little more time to buy cupboard and home essentials with the old-style coin until the 31st October.

6. Greggs: Good news for pastry lovers – the high street bakery will continue to welcome the old coin into its stories. But watch-out as it hasn’t announced a cut-off date yet. 

7. Charitable donation: Lots of charities are urging people to donate their rejected coins. BBC Children in Need’s Round Pound Countdown is one specific fundraising campaign designed to collect as many old coins as possible to help raise money for disadvantaged children around the world. Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation and Epilepsy Action have also announced similar activities, as well as the British Legion’s 2017 poppy appeal.  

So what’s next? It’s simple: spend it or donate it.  

Don’t let your hard earned coins become part of the £450million unspent pot scattered under our car seats or hidden at the bottom of rucksacks. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to hit the shops or collection tins before it really is too late.

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