Don’t forget to put your clocks back this weekend!

It's the annual sign that summer is over and Christmas is on its way. 

Say goodbye to a lovely summer of long days and warm sunshine because we will be turning the clocks back on Sunday, October 27th.

This is the time that many dread. Gaining an hour on the last Sunday in October, but meaning our days will get shorter and our nights longer and colder. We will gain an hour at 2am on Sunday, October 27th. And it’s worth remembering that while your smartphone and laptops will update automatically, analogue clocks and other digital clocks, like car and oven clocks, will need to be changed manually.

Changing the clocks an hour began more than 100 years ago, as a result of a campaign started in 1907 by William Willett to stop people wasting valuable hours of light in the summer months and to save fuel during the war. Parliament then passed the Summer Time Act in 1916, thereby creating British Summer Time.  Germany was the first country to adopt the clock-changing plan in April that year and the UK followed in May. 

So until the clocks go forward again on Sunday, 29th March next year, that’s it for summertime! 

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