Member story: remortgaging helped me purchase the home I grew up in

After the passing of his parents in 2018, Howard Davies, a self-employed floor layer and his wife Clarice, an accounts manager, wanted to keep hold of the family home.

After a chance encounter with a mortgage adviser during a routine visit to their local branch in Abingdon, Howard and Clarice turned to Newbury Building Society for help. 

Now, the couple have the financing they needed to keep the inherited property in familiar hands.

So, how did they buy the second property?

Below, you can read their story: 

Can you tell us about the property you have inherited?

The property is a 1930s semi-detached house in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Why did you decide to remortgage your primary property?

Sadly, both of Howard’s parents passed away last year and left the property they had lived in for more than 60 years to their two children. Howard has very fond childhood memories of his time in the home.

Howard and his sister inherited the property on a 50/50 basis. He promised his parents that if he could afford it, he would keep the property and buy his sister out of her share as she had always planned to move to Whitby; her husband’s family originally came from this area. Her inheritance enabled her to make that move.

How did you hear about Newbury Building Society?

We both have held savings accounts with Newbury Building Society for many years. We visited the Abingdon branch at Christmas to put a 90 day notice on our accounts as we needed the funds to use towards the purchase of the house.

We mentioned a second property purchase to a customer service adviser, and she suggested booking an appointment with a mortgage adviser. During this conversation, Angela popped her head around the corner and introduced herself. She even spent some time chatting to us briefly about our situation. Refreshing as earlier the same morning, we had visited a bank and had a ‘remote conference call’ with a mortgage advisor - we both found the experience awkward, and the advice confusing.

Howard and Clarice Davies are stood in the living room of their newly inherited property.

Why did you choose Newbury Building Society as your lender?

We do hold accounts with other banks; however, we found Newbury Building Society to be professional, friendly and a provider of good old-fashioned customer service. 

During our mortgage appointment, Angela was easy to deal with, answered any concerns and offered a product that was flexible and suitable to our needs. We both found the process simple and straightforward. Surprisingly the paperwork was not complicated and easy to understand!

What was your experience with Newbury Building Society like during and after the application process? 

The whole process was very easy and straightforward – from start to finish. Any issues or concerns were dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Would you recommend Newbury Building Society as a lender to others? 

Yes, we would absolutely recommend Newbury Building Society to others.

For further information about remortgaging your property and what this involves, read our article “Your questions answered: how do I remortgage my property?” In addition, print our infographic “What happens when: you remortgage your home”.

If you would like to discuss your mortgage options, please contact us or visit your local branch to arrange an appointment. We offer face-to-face, telephone and video advice mortgage appointments for those who cannot make it to a branch. 


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